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January 31, 2008



You just can't deny Bad Brains musical influence or copy cats on bands today. (Smashing Pumpkins sings just like them). I like this song and "Pass The Mic" rips this off, too. I think the Beasties and Bad Brains are close buds.

Alex in NYC

Well, I wouldn't say the Beasties "ripped them off." The Beastie Boys and the Bad Brains are great friends (MCA briefly started a band with Daryl Jennifer called Brooklyn, if memory serves). There is profound respect between the two camps.

I can't speak for the Smashing Pumpkins. Never my cup of tea. Mentioning them in tandem with the Bad Brains is like comparing Spam to Filet Mignon.


I should not have used the term, 'ripped-off'. They were paying homage to their friends. I meant 'ripped' more in the vein of 'sampling'.

Yes, Brooklyn was the band MCA formed between the albums...'License To Ill' and 'Paul's Boutique'. I never heard Brooklyn's tape but I heard it's quite good.

The Smashing Pumpkins, I don't really like either, I was just commenting on Billy Corgan's singing style that virtually copies that of Bad Brains. I was just pointing out that Bad Brains has influenced a generation of bands, loved or hated. Alot of those alt bands loved Bad Brains and copied them lovingly but I agree none can really replicate their sound, ever.


Man, I thought that New York Thrash was a figment of my aging imagination until I stumbled upon your post. I received of copy of that cassette when I was a freshman in high school for a dear friend (who ended up working for Alternative Tentacle later in her life). I had long since forgotten about it until my wife and I saw the Beastie Boys on some show and she commented on how "old" they looked. Pulling the dagger out of my heart (she is younger than me) I made a comment about New York Thrash and it all came back to me. I have to find a copy of it now. Any suggestions?


The original label owner of ROIR is selling it, I would prefer buying from him, so he gets some money. See below:

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