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January 12, 2008



Unbelieavably Eva's is still on 8th Street which in the late 70's/early 80's was the only place in the neighborhood with a bathroom, cheap falafel, and spicy peppers on the tables that you could fool your naive friends into eating whole and then watch them cry for about an hour.


I too am surprised to see Eva's still there. I was a frequent patron there in the 70's and into the early 80's while driving a taxi and attending NYU.

About the photo of the 8th Street Bookshop... It had to have been made no earlier than the mid 1960's. That's the rear end of a 1964 Pontiac Bonneville on the right side of the frame.


When I moved to NYC in 85 I was totally broke and homeless. Mike at Eva's always looked out for me. A free falafel and $20 just when I needed it. Diamond geezer.


I went to Eva's constantly, from 1980 to 1983. Mike was geat, and so was the food! They were always very nice people, unlike the creeps at the pizza place at the other end of the block!!!

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