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December 13, 2007



Ass-Whole Foods is clever, but I prefer the more specific "Whole Paycheck". Why do you shop there when trying to save money? I'm puzzled.

Alex in NYC

The money is saved at K-Mart and Babies "R" Us. Where A-hole Foods wins in simply in its seductive convenience and broad scope of fare -- although I've seen more actual fist-fights break out in the place than I've seen in a hundred dive bars. Being the neurotic agoraphobe I am, I don't enjoy shopping there to begin with, but the vibe and lay out of the place almost seems designed to pit shopper against shopper (especially with their unwieldily oversized cats being basically too big for the aisles). The place is a hotbed of bad feeling.

Alex in NYC

carts, not cats.


Get fresh groceries at Garden of Eden, and hit Food Emporium below Zeckendorf for dry goods. At least Food Emporium doesn't pretend, and Garden of Eden is real. They nearly went under when Whole Crap opened, but after a few months people figured it out. I feel unhealthy the moment I enter Whole...there's something fundamentally wrong with the entire place.

Alex in NYC

I go to both of those (well, not so much Garden of Eden). In much the same way I don't get my news from a single source, I don't usually get my groceries from one source either. I do quite like Food Emporium (best beer selection, no less). I get a bit claustrophobic in Garden o' Bleedin'.


Fistfights in Whole Foods? I need to hear more about this.

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