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December 06, 2007



How old is he? My son is 15 months. We had a similar problem recently. He has to learn on his own how to go to sleep. If that means crying and sreaming, then you have to suffer through it and "ignore" it like your wife does, so he can learn how to sleep on hos own. Eventaully it does get less and less and then he learns to go to sleep. It could also be he's teething or growing pains or spurts. He could also be hungry. Make sure he eats good before he goes to bed. He has to have a full-belly so he can be content. Never feed or leave a bottle/sippy cup or food in the crib with him, though. H


Make sure he has a good strict 'routine' every night, kids are into routines, so everything has to be the same, every night (same nightlite on, same blanket, etc).. I would suggest getting a humidifier, it creates "white noise" for him and he will sleep better with a white-noise background.


Make sure, you don't run and pick him up every time he cries, either or else he will always expect that. Also, make sure he is getting more naps during the day. You don't want him to be overtired. He has to sleep during the day too in order to sleep better through the night.


Another strategy would be to put him to bed a little later in the evening (ie 9PM instead of 8PM). This strategy would hopefully result in him waking up later in the morning as opposed to waking at 4AM. My son wakes up at 6:30AM no matter what but he sleeps through the night thank goodness.

Mint Chutney

I feel your pain.

The other night my 3 year old daughter randomly woke up in the middle of the night and called out to me. I went down to give the compulsory pat on the back and kiss on the nose when I noticed her face was wet. Her nose was gushing blood which, according to the pediatrician, was from the dry air in the room. Since then I've find myself lying in bed listening for any signs of distress while my husband snores away.

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