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October 30, 2007


Darren Peace

But no Halloween by the Dead Kennedys in any of the three lists? I suppose it's not spooky, but it certainly makes a nice surprise for the 59235498762385476th kid hammering on my door without having made the effort to like dress up or anything on October 31st for me to a) suddenly yank the door open and shriek at them like the dead ballerina in Suspiria and b) hit the remote so that the DK's Halloween that I've had on repeat all evening ready for this moment suddenly attains maximum volume.

The parents standing behind them weren't too impressed, though.


DIAMANDA! You rock! I should also add it is a good test of a person's endurance and affection for ya if you put it the time she goes into "I LOOKED INTO THE FACE OF THE DEVIL...." many ask me if I have a collection of little shoes.

Two adds: "Halloween" or "Night Shift" by Siouxsie
"Discipline" by Throbbing Gristle

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