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September 21, 2007


Andy M.

Interesting!!! Having a medium-volume case of Tinnitus myself these days (after some "almost acute hearing loss" problems a few months ago), any information about potential remedies is welcome. Kepp us updated, please!


I'd stay clear of too much whey protein. I've been visiting Center IMT for various health issues, including Tinnitus. The ringing in my ear hasn't completely gone away, but the volume sure has been turned down-quite a bit. Check it out, I go to the center in Chicago, pretty sure there is one in NY.


Alex you can probably buy glutathione on its own or with a multi vitamin, no need to buy whey protein. Whey also won't add a shred of muscle if there's no need for your body to do so, i.e. you're not strength training. Probably best to take the g with a multi, vitamins tend to work 'synergistically' (yeah shut up, I didn't use it in a corporate sense), i.e. their effects are multiplied when taken together. They also work best when taken with food. Oh, also, Killing Joke fucking rule.

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