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August 22, 2007



Wow, that Mudd Club thing is pretty cool.


Thanks for the memories...keep up the good work. Paul's Boutique (the bistro) is gone now, too..I believe.


I appreciate your research Alex, and have a lot of sympathy for your general perspective. At the same time, there are astounding creative things going on in Brooklyn and parts of Queens. I know that Manhattan has a unique historical aura, but isn't it important to explore and experience the CBGB's of today while they happen? In 20 years people may be nostalgic about aspects of the arts and music scene in Crown Heights, Fort Greene and Greenpoint, and it'd be a pity to say that you were more interested in disappeared buildings in what has been a long-sanitised lower Manhattan.

Alex in NYC

Well, cheers, Paul -- but here's the thing: I don't LIVE in Brooklyn or Queens. They simply don't have the same resonance for me. I can only write about what I know and/or care about. This isn't to say that I don't CARE about the new creative frontiers being explored in those areas, but I'm not the one to document them. And I have no problems with my weblog being associated with nostalgia (a dirty word to some people). Let someone who is actively involved with those scenes document their greatness.

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