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July 18, 2007



Exterminator? Read the book or watch the film Naked Lunch.


I'm sorry to learn that you are also having a creepy vacation. Seriously, what are the chances that we are BOTH battling vermin? To quote Mike Myers on an old Comedy Central promo, Does the fun ever start?

On a whole other topic, would you send me a mailing address for you? I have something to send along. And I promise it doesn't crawl.


Well, they're not only in your part of the world. Wanted to get some sugar for my coffee today, and discovered lots of tiny revolting crawling things in the jar as well - and I'm in the Czech Republic.


Be sure to read the short story "Acres and Pain" by S.J. Perelman. You'll feel his pain and blow snot through your nose from laughing so hard.

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