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July 16, 2007



Told ya you write.


Woops. Should have read: Told ya you could write!


The episode with the broom-guitar really made me laugh out loud! I completely agree with the previous comment and enjoy very much reading what you have to say. Keep it up.


you should really write a book about new york.


This is killer!
And after reading I was actually working two blocks away at the time! Amazing.

Keep writing about "you and your experiences" It works. A great perspective. See you soon.


Just found this...
My first serious boyfriend was an artist and worked at Ward-Nasse on Prince St when we met in 1990. It was a great area. I graduated from FIT after 2 years in 89 - I distinctly remember walking to meet him one early evening, and looking up, and the buildings still had a very industrial feel, with fans in the windows and steam coming out. I loved it. And miss it!

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