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April 24, 2007



I know you only brought it up to highlight your disgust at this "news", but I am so glad to hear someone else thought "Match Point" was risible garbage. I couldn't even finish it, and I consider myself a fan of both Woody and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. She is just horrible. "Lost In Translation" is an apt description of her on-screen (and another movie I loathed, to boot).


I can't believe that MTV's coverage indicates they were good this weekend. And that photo showing Johannson and Jim Reid is just wrong (though Jim appears to be working the "Dylan from 90210" look, which is interesting).

Alex in NYC

Let's go easy on the MTV-bashin' now, shall we? I happen to know the guy who wrote that piece, and he's a stand-up gent. Truthfully, as much as I adore the J&MC, they are capable of being the dullest live band imaginable. I saw them in a small theatre in Columbus, Ohio on the tour for Darklands, and they were abysmal. Still, some truly amazing, amazing records -- and NOT just Psychocandy.


It was a friendly jab - the write-up as a whole was very well done. I just was surprised to see that reports of the J&MC set were universally positive; I've yet to hear a first hand story about them being good live.

They're studio work is pretty darn solid, though I've never liked Psychocandy as much as the three immediately following.

Alex in NYC

Really? I actively loved HONEY'S DEAD, but I can still barely listen to AUTOMATIC without gagging.

PSYCHOCANDY, meanwhile -- I'm sorry -- remains one of my favorite debut albums of all time. I first heard it early, courtesy of my friend Keith who was doing a semester abroad in the UK. He sent me a mixtape with them on it (mislabelling the band as PSYCHOCANDY) and I remeber being entirely blown away (this tape also contained large swathes of IT'LL END IN TEARS by This Mortal Coil, who Keith also mislabelled as the Cocteau Twins).


What a great mixtape!

I attribute my like of AUTOMATIC to it being the first J&MC I heard. I had read about them and was familiar enough with the name to pick it up. I grew up in the sticks, and only had easy access to what my local chain store carried. So AUTOMATIC for me fit in with the other UK alternative stuff I had access to - Love & Rockets, The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, etc.

I didn't get to hear PSYCHOCANDY until '91 when I went to college. By that point it wasn't the revolutionary sound statement it was in '85; I got the historical significance but was much more excited by HONEY'S DEAD when it released the next spring. "Not being there for the moment" seems to affect certain albums more than others; PSYCHOCANDY, for me, is one of them.

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