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January 19, 2007



Great track, and yes, that commercial weirded me the fuck out when I first saw it as well.


The minute I saw this commercial, and heard the track, I realized I was old.

Eric Hadley-Ives

The phrase "Life's an illusion, love is a dream" taken from the lyric of the Buzzcock's song does fit well with a certain stereotype of hedonistic old-age lifestyles in Florida, the AARP, and somehow it's all tied together with various dystopian images of society (Huxley's Brave New World). Yeah. brilliant connections.

I'm looking for the origin of this phrase, "life's an illusion" and "love is a dream." I know it from two sources, the Buzzcocks song and a song by Crass, both 1970s punk bands. Were they quoting someone? Did Huxley use the phrase in "Brave New World"? (because it certainly would fit, but it's over 20 years since I read the book and I can't remember if the phrase occurs there). When using Google to look for the phrase I found a brilliant review of "Washington Square" by Henry James with this phrase as the title of the review.

By the way, I like the idea that people who enjoy the music of Killing Joke, the Buzzcocks, and Crass would also be the same sort of people who would enjoy reading Henry James and Aldous Huxley. Seems to fit well together.


Actually, I think the phrase that Washington Square and Brave New World have in common is "Bumble-puppy".
In BNW it's Centrifugal Bumble-puppy, in WS it's just Bumble-puppy.
Bumble-puppy has curious definitions tho, in one place it can mean "tetherball", in another "old nine-holes", (billiards), in another "Whist without rules" (card game).
I remember reading in WS the characters were playing tennis and calling Bumble-puppy a sort of goof-off game of tennis where you launched a lob at nose-bleed altitude and it had to come down in the court so the other player could play the massive bounce, or so I thought, that's why I was looking it up. There was something about not using the tennis balls with the covers that were starting to fray because they spun wildly and you couldn't get enough bounce off of them. They nick-named them "Saturns" because they looked like they had a ring around them when spinning so fast.
In BNW a "Centrifugal Bumble-puppy" was a piece of playground equipment that as you threw the balls in the top had a spinning apparatus inside that spit them out in an unpredictable manner, (sort of like those four-headed basketball funnel things of the 80's).
Man, I AM getting old. I never did see that commercial, but the Buzzcocks and the AARP should never mix.
You know you only have to be 50 to get in the AARP nowadays...
I had better go listen to the Ramones "I don't want to grow up" now...

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