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November 14, 2006



There is no shame in loving Electric and Love. Both wonderful albums, by a band who almost defined themselves through parody (I mean, was the Love era any less a parody of velveteen goth than Electric was of big dumb rock?).

And if Ian's hat on the cover didn't tip you off to the parodic element than you were kidding yourself. I'm pretty sure he's just sporting roadkill - nowhere else have I ever seen a hat that looked rougher than something worn on the Davy Crockett show.

Electric was the meeting point for my mainstream sister and my alternative-loving self. Bless their big dumb rock hearts.


Ohmygod, The CULT! 1985! (Actually it was '86 when I heard 'em.) KA CHING CHING!! YEAEAHEAH!!! Keep the cool posts coming, Mr. in NYC.

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