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November 13, 2006



i had a similar situation last week (bit my cheek). trying washing it out with oral-b amosan, which is like the official medical version of warm salt water--i found it really worked!


That Kanka stuff is awesome. I tend to get the same thing you do, with the tongue-biting, but Kanka is most definitely recommended. Peroxide can work; obviously you're just supposed to rinse with it and not swallow any.


warm salt water is a good thing. if it doesn't seem to help, grab a (rather expensive) bottle of Phor-flur. It used to be a prescription mouthwash for people using braces, but it's over the counter now. It does a really, really good job of killing off nastiness without burning your mouthy bits.


someone feels my pain! I have been biting my tongue in my sleep for a few months now and it's gotten to the point that I wake myself up screaming and crying from the pain and have to go spit blood out. Lucky for me I have no dental insurance to see a dentist about the cause and/or solution to it. I can't talk, eat, or sleep either. Shoot me please.

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