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October 24, 2006



Those are "McDonald's Orange Drink" colored. That association is vomit memory inducing, so a big NO.

Sorry to barf on your hipster shoe parade.

Alex in NYC

My hipster shoe parade? Hardly. I'm just in need of some new ones -- spotted these, and the conjured such an adverse reaction that I couldn't tell if I loved them or hated them. When music does this to me, it's almost always a sure sign that I've stumbled onto something genuinely brilliant. Not sure if the same standards apply to footwear.

That said, I have no problem with making people vomit.

Alex in NYC

Moreover, Nike is way too populist to ever be credibly "hip."


Not being in NY means I am far from the hipstering crowds (thankfully). I guess I should have instead mentioned the shoe freaks who pay thousands for vintage air force ones. I have no idea what the term is for a sneaker fetishist.

They do make a statement. Plus your kids will be able to pick you out in a crowd if you get seperated. If I ever run into you on a bi-decadal (probably not a word, but the meaning should be clear) trip to Manhatten I promise I'll do my best not to hurl.

Chris Barrus

Tremendous thumbs down from me. They looked like you spilled an Orange Crush all over them.


A little to loud, color-wise. Everyone will see your feet before you're even on their block. While that would be good, safety-wise ("oh, hey, I nearly ran over that pedestrian-- good thing he had those safety shoes on!"), they're just sorta... bright.

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