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October 27, 2006



"like Satan belching underwear." truly, your finest hour.

Oh, and South Park took a swipe at Mr. Dio as well -- his band is the act the elementary school hires to play a dance, in the episode about home schooling.


"with Dio, who left shortly afterwards to start his own silly band, aptly named Dio!"

Silly band?
Dio is a legendary band, as is Black Sabbath. They are no where near 'silly', like a lot of the 'rock bands' of today.
And did you know 'Dio' in Italian is 'God'?

Alex in NYC

Dio is a silly band. I liked them, but they're inarguably silly.

Evidence of said silliness:

Daniel Newhouse

Proof of silliness

The artwork for The Mob Rules on this post is stunning. I stole it for my own flac collection.

The commentator is smoking crack that The Mob Rules is the best track on the album. Consensus opinion is that The Sign of the Southern Cross is the best song, and rivaled only by Heaven and Hell as the best of this version of Black Sabbath.

And Black Sabbath fired Ozzy and re-hired Dio.

Alex in NYC

"The commentator" begs to differ.


Couple of facts:

- The Sabbath album that Bev Bevan got a percussion credit on was "The Eternal Idol" (1987). He did not, however, play drums on this album. Eric Singer did. Bev's credit was for a few cymbal overdubs.

- "Mob Rules" was NOT the last studio album Dio recorded with Sabbath. He returned in 1992 to record the album "Dehumanizer", of which one track, "Time Machine", can be heard in the movie "Wayne's World".

Chotakabrass H.M.

In Loving Memory Of Ronnie James Dio

Rest in Peace

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