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October 26, 2006



Wow. Sounds like these doctors aren't exactly exuding bedside manner. Take it from someone who works with M.D.s: if they've "diagnosed" you before you've even stepped through the door (as in, 'oh, here comes another crazy guy who *thinks* he's losing his hearing') run away.

There are many, many causes of tinnitus, and you may be lucky enough to have a few reasons to have it. Seeing as you spiked when your stress level went way up, look into getting a night guard for your jaw. You may be grinding your teeth in your sleep, and that friction can stir up the ol' ringing. You can usually find some over the counter at drug stores. They're not the greatest, but give one a try for a few nights and see if the ringing goes down.

If it does: hello, TMJ!

no name

i have the same ring but it dulls out if u dont listen to it

chiropractor gilbert

its good to see a blog where there is an evidence about the good effect of Chiropractic procedure.. :) nice!!

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