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October 21, 2006



To each their own. I've been a fan since "Ghost of You" and I appreciate their Queen-esque histronics for the Black Parade album. Not something just anyone can pull off with such style and aplomb. I'm looking forward to seeing them live in a few days.

Now I understand you find them too melodramatic, for my dear old dad gave up his ticket to watch them, haha.

Tragic with a capital T

Ok, so I admit I am a huge fan of their 1st and 2nd albums. The Black Parade was a bit of a let down, even to me. But I still really like it. I respect your opinion since MCR took a huge risk when making TBP because it is a lot different than their other albums. It's the kind of thing where you either really like it or really hate it. So your comment does not effect me. And to put your little mind at rest, TBP dies today. All the fans are celebrating its death and anticipating the next album. So don't worry. You won't hear much about TBP anymore once things calm down.


Okay so the newest album isn't your style, why make such a big deal? If you dont like the music, don't listen to it, listen to the old albums that you do like...
I personally like all of their albums, the fact that their music varies just shows that they have the talent to make a range of different styles of music, and I love everyone :)


Remember that that is your opinion and not everyone feels that way about the record. Just because you hate doesn't mean that its bad.


Dude, your a fucking emo basher, their lyrics havn't changed that much, in fact I reckon "Welcome To The Black Parade" is an improvement. Not only is it about the people who died for us at war but the relatives of those people. Have you no respect? Besides who cares if they made a similar video to "The War Song" or watever, those stupid talentless blonde whores such as Lady Ga Ga do it all the time and people just adore them. So in short words...your an idiot.

Alex in NYC

Do your parents know you're using the computer?


O my chemical God!!!

Can't believe this, there is not even 1 link between ''the war song'' and the black parade, at least none normal... just because of those 2 pics you conclude that MCR sucks, dude shut the fuck up:S

you were just another worthless fan, who is so crazy that only 1 picture of the war song turns u off...

get screwed man!!

MCR for life

p.s. that daily mail stuff is also bullshit, ofcourse MCR doesn't want anybody to commit suicide!! noobs -.-

Alex in NYC

Yawn. Who could possibly give a rolling rat fuck about My Chemial Whatsis at this stage of the proceedings?


MCR KICKS ASS! Dont make fun of them


MCR ROCKS and Always Will
Fuck ANy one that hates them!!!!

Alex in NYC


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