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October 14, 2006


Geez Louise

I was with you until "navigating baby carriage." If you are "navigating a baby carriage" in a crowd you deserve what you get. And I bet it's one of those big-ass carriages. Sheesh. Spare me .

Agreed Louise

Yeah, once you are "navigating a baby carriage" through a crowded market, you have become what you have despised. Wife should have you and baby stand across the street, or better yet, stay home.


Jeeez, you big cry baby -Stay home.
Or take a drive to Pennsylvania to get your produce.


Gosh, yes, a problem of epic proportions, clearly. Have you thought getting there a bit earlier perhaps? Because I am so fucking cool, I am there by 9 AM on Saturdays when the crowd is much more manageable. You show up at 11:30-2:30 on Saturday and you roll the dice. Check your spelling too, man


No sympathy here, either, pram pusher.


Louise is a bitch (and will probably never need a baby carriage).


Douchebags like JohnBarley fail to recognize that just about anything can reproduce if it chooses. Britney Spears, case in point.

Any idiot can push a stroller. Not needing push one through a crowded street market is actually admirable.

native new yorker too

Newsflash, douchebag: your baby is the problem. Get your fucking stroller out of my face.

john barleycorn

Still angry at mom and dad, Native New Yorker Too?

Alex in NYC

Wow, of all the crap I post here, never would have I expected that a fleeting rant about the Union Square Greenmarket would be the one that attracted the most ire. For the record, our stroller is acutally quite compact and streamlined (not a side-by-side'r), but that's beside the point.

In any case, I hated going to the Greenmarket well before the wife and I had even considered having kids, but that seems to be the sticking point with all the bile here. Suffice to say, you all need to get over it. Just because no one's bothered to entertain the notion of starting families with you, that doesn't mean the rest of the world is going to abstain. Maybe one day, if you change your minds and blight the world with children of your own, you'll change your tune. Or not. Whatever.

I still hate the greenmarket, and I don't take a single syllable back. So, get the hell out of my way, or I'll roll my stroller right over your precious Manolo Blahniks!


Better not park that stroller in front of me when I'm buying my $26 import CDs at Virgin either.

In "Common People" Jarvis sang "cos everyone hates a tourist.." I'd take a tourist over a stroller anyday.

Alex in NYC

Good luck finding an import section at Virgin anymore, Paul.


Rude people and punishing crowds aren't the problem, Alex. It's babies. Come on, haven't you been paying attention? I avoid this place like the plague on the weekends for all of your reasons (and I don't even have kids), though I did go two weeks ago and saw porn legend Jamie Gillis among the riff raff. So worth it.


You know why else the Greenmarket sucks? It's an evil empire! Farmers have to pay an arm and a leg to get in (half those people are sublets, basically), the quality isn't *that* great and they aren't chef friendly. Check out the threads on It's a hot mess.


LOL. the breeders just don't get a break, do they?

Mike Addiego

Alex in NY, well played

Horse Badorties

Wow, some people are so hostile toward children! They complain that people living in NYC now are contemptible because soon they will have kids and move to the suburbs, and then they complain when people have kids and *don't* move to the suburbs! Do they think native NYers are born as adults?

My theory is that they're still kids themselves, and are trying to separate themselves from their childhood.

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