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October 17, 2006



I read a great piece on Slate about how CBGB was over many years ago, and one of the commenters pointed out that Vegas is probably the next best stop for a venue that's become more about its past image of itself than it is about cutting-edge rock. How many peeps do you know who go around sporting CBGB t-shirts and have probably been there a total of once just to say that they've done so? I would say it's quite a large population. Sure, it's sad, but I really don't cry for the death of artistic spirit within the borders of New York City, because I think 315 Bowery has been living off its past rep for a good 20-odd years now.


You're right; the closing of CBGB's is part of the "Disney-tizing" of Manhattan. Well, that and all the strollers...

Alex in NYC

Oh that's right -- I forgot -- no one ever had children in the 70's. Silly me.


Ahahaha! Oh Alex, don't you remember the good old days, when people just dragged their kids behind them along the ground? "Learn to walk ... FAST!" Or were you one of those who hatched full grown?

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