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August 24, 2006



As luck would have it... I hear closet "simply red" fans trade rough demos of a never released studio album called "The Barefoot Contessa"


I couldn't help myself.

Incredible list.


In regards to Foreigner's "Urgent", the crust fell from my eyes just the other day. I was listening to Ladytron's "Turn it On" and realized the synth riffs, beat, indeed the whole feel of the song was cribbed from "Urgent." And then I realized that, minus the mullet-emoting of the vocals, "Urgent" is pretty much a New Wave song. Deliver those lyrics in a deadpan, and it could be Human League.

One could make a good list of the best New Wave songs created by AOR bands.


I enjoy this tremendously. PS: Marillion!


Holy shit! You won't believe this, but Simply Red was getting ready to play Belgrade when I was in Serbia. The show was going to be in this massive stadium (Tito would be around the following week). Serbs love Simply Red. You should move to the Balkans.

Alex in NYC

Just to clarify, I would like to say that Mick Hucknal is a horrible, reprehensible, ugly and arrogant human being, and we'd all be much better off if he was fired out of a cannon into a murky peat bog and then summarily ripped apart by an angry school of pirhanas, but THAT ALL SAID, their debut album,Picture Book, for better or for worse -- reminds me of a very happy summer experience. That is all. In this capacity, the album is appreciated for its function, not its form.


what, no Nevermind? ;-)

Alex in NYC

I derive no pleasure from owning Nevermind, thus it does not warrant inclusion.


that should be your next list

"albums i own which i have no reason to keep anymore"

then link to where people can buy 'em from you.


in regards to simply red,[though i am almost embarrassed to admit it]the best bit would be the "did the earth move for ya nancy?" part from 'money's too tight to mention'.


Hey, peeps, his real favorite is "Bleach" by Kurt and the boys.

Alex in NYC

I feel neither guilt nor pleasure when I listen to Nirvana -- only disdain.


hanoi rocks is a Finnish band, which we are very proud of. They still perform, which we are not so proud of.


What about 14:59?

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