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August 15, 2006


Alamo City Rollie

You need to stop watching the Gene show on Mondays and watch WEEDS on Showtime.

By the by... do both of his kids have birthmarks on their faces?

Alamo City Rollie

Oh! Before I forget... you probably got away from a silly confrontation.


They probably recognized you from ILX and were going to say "Hey man, you need to smoke some weed and listen to Patti Smith records."



don't feel guilty. as a native ny'er yr wary instincts are correct. and hey, ejecting stragglers from the lobby is what doormen are paid to do!


We'll never know what was to happen on that night. But Mark's post is wrong we are not paid to eject stragglers from buildings. We are not to use fisical force on a person, the building will be held liable if we hurt someone.

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