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July 16, 2006



I might have included Faith No More and Alice in Chains, as MTV did. Props to MTV for actually making a decent metal list, unlike VH1's obsession with Ratt and Poison.

Also your homies Soundgarden and Black Flag probably could have merited a place on the "not metal but metallicly influential" list.

Hot Johnny

First, Alex, if the category were "Top 5 Klezmer Crossover Acts of All Time", you'd find a way to work Killing Joke in.

Second, no Tool?

Hot Johnny

Wait, and third, Kyuss but no mention of Queens of the Stone Age?


Y'all are braver than me. I don't think I could come anywhere close to a list of 10 heavy metal acts. I think I would also have to preface the entries for Kiss, AC/DC and Motley Crue with the word "early". Blasphemy, I know...

P.S. Technically speaking, Overdrive doesn't work on all PCs. While pretty much everyone knows that you mean Windows machines (and, most likely they hae to be at least Win98 or better or whatever the most recent version of Windows Media Player will run on), Linux and many other OSes run fine on PCs. I'm not trying to be pedantic (honest). It's just that I run Linux and clicked on the link to Overdrive on the off-chance it would work, simply because you said PC instead of Windows.


That's so true what you said about Black Sabbath


you could put a few more on your "Honorable Mention" list

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