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June 18, 2006


mark e

amen brother, a-bloody-men !

all so obvious after the event. if someone had been so kind to spell out the realites, then i would have stalled for at least another 5 years .. (perhaps)

conversely, i recently had my first major get-out in 9 years. a week in chicago with no family commitments, naturally i just about fulfilled the above list within those strange 7 days - gigs/clubs/booze/films - felt very very weird.

but by end of the week however, the emotional pain of being apart from the sleep depriving blighters was soo intense, i just cant say.

go figure.



Damn, that is some scary shit. At least it had a happy ending.


Y'know, when O was born and I arrived home, I sometimes got a bit angry and upset that I couldn't do the work as I could once do. I wanted to run the shop like before while taking care of Ophelia. I just had to accept that this wasn't possible anymore (not until she goes off to daycare). But now I just juggle like the insane clown I am. I accept that she needs attention while there's someone in the shop. :-) Some things you mention I experience a little differently. Sure I can't drink or smoke pot but Thom can (if he likes): I just manage to take the screams away from him. :-) And sleep? He sleeps right through her crying. I don't mind, it's perfectly understandable as I breastfeed and as a result now still wake up after the first peep. :-) I could go on and on about Ophelia but I'll just finish with: we're seriously thinking about a second baby. :-)

mark e

nathalie :

second time around is a lot easier.


(~steps back from keyboard, waiting to Alex to jump on this statement)


Alex in NYC

"second time around is a lot easier"


Dunno about that. i'd say the second time around is surprisingly *different*, but not necessarily easier. Yes, you're sort've prepared for a lot of stuff, but at the end of the day, every child is different. Each have their own quirks. What might've worked for child number one may not work at all for child number two (and vice versa).


Got the link from lurking on the Gathering list, Too buisy to contribute to it cause I have a 9.5 month old.

Everything you have suggested here should be done by any father to be.

I would add a number 11 which is to finish off as much stuff at work as is humanly possible, cause sleep deprivation and a regular job is not compatable, & a number 12 DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE beleive that all those offers you get off free babysitting from your mates in the pub, it ain't gonna happen.

Andy M.

I'll follow all this advice, alex, because coming March will change my life. :-D


The Good resource. Much what interesting for itself has found.

See you.

Pregnant in North Carolina

Everything stated above is really bad advice especially if you want the woman to stick around for you to have the PRIVELEDGE OF BEING A FATHER! BAD BAD ADVICE.

Alex in NYC

Nice, well, we'll still very happily married two kids later, so what the hell do you know! Seriously, there isn't a single divisive recommendation there, so go take a flying leap, jessica.


I just found this on google. Dammit, it's as I suspected. I gotta do all of this.

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