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May 17, 2006



I wish to clarify something: I'm not adopting the quasi-veg diet for health reasons (eating meat is actually quite healthy); I'm doing it to reduce my ecological footprint (true phrase). I still plan to eat meat on holidays and special occasions, or if I'm at someone's house and that's what we're having for dinner, but I do plan to forego meat whenever I can. You got kids, let's leave them some forest and clean water to live on!


Also nice description of the conversion to home-based beer. My dad has the ever-present case of Genessee Cream Ale out in the garage, and ever since I can remember he'll come home and grab one. Now I know how it starts!

Then again I keep beer in the fridge too, so I'm well on my way. Yuengling is only $5 a six-pack here.


ok, here's the calories of different beer varieties:

Here's the Starbucks: Original Starbucks Grande Mocha Frappuccino Blended Coffee (16-ounce) has: 420 calories, 6g protein, 61g carbohydrates, 16 g fat, 10g sat. fat, 0 g fiber

Assuming every beer you drank was an Anchor Porter (highest in calories at 209 per 12 oz.), you could still throw back 2 and come out ahead! Most others you could drink 3 and still be ahead of the game, especially if you're looking at saturated fat content.

The final question: which provides better mental health benefits?


I became a vegetarian for health reasons. Some years back, I used to eat a mere single turkey sandwich daily - my only serving of meat in a day and my cholesterol was through the roof. So I gave up meat. And guess what? My cholesterol is still borderline despite the fact that I eat healthy nearly all the time. I never eat sugar, I watch my sodium intake obsessively, I have veggies for lunch and dinner, and grape nuts/health food cereal in the morning. My usual diet contains everything that is supposed to help your heart - nuts, olive oil, avocados. And still I get grief from my doc for my cholesterol as being not high but "borderline". Fuck off!

Of course drinking excessively on weekends really helps. It's even better if you're having your blood drawn for lipid counts the morning after a large drinking episode. That was a hellish Monday morning let me tell you.


Join me in the "oatmeal for breakfast and a sensible lunch" club for the next two weeks. You get one brunch "out" on the weekends. I (re)start tomorrow.

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