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May 11, 2006



Hmm, I also have a recent case of tinnitus in my right ear. You aren't a carrier, are you?


Hmm. I think of Cardiacs as being...I dunno late 80's *maybe* but mostly I think early 90's when I think of them. I'm not all that sure what they sounded like now I can't remember. But post punk? Really? Hmm...maybe I will research them a bit then.

I'm pulling out This Mortal Coil's Blood of all things (dude I never play this, seriously) all because I played Syd Barrett's Madcap Laughs album in the car some weeks back and there's a song called "Late Night" on it and I tried so fackin' hard to remember who the fack covered that and it drove me crazy for awhile! I was like Slowdive? No...Slowdive only did Golden Hair...maybe it was Kim Deal or about the Breeders? No...

See how close I was???ARRGH So now that I finally figured it out it's like I have to listen to the whole album just to pay myself back for all that mental wracking.


Also WTF? They sample Can on this thing!! There's a drumbeat that happens between "Baby Ray Baby" and "Several Times" - now tell me that is not a sample of Can. And how did they get away with it without giving Can credit? Wow. I could find the Can song it's from but I only know it's either Tago Mago or Ege Bamyasi and I wouldn't want to spoil either one of them by being bothered to pinpoint which song it is. That would kindof ruin it.

Alex in NYC

That's a Can sample? Hmmmm. Must re-listen.

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