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March 24, 2006


Mr. Base

I understand your reaction completely, I really do.. But I guess its all a matter of perspective becuase I'm thoroughly amused by this! How utterly devolved! I find it thoroughly subversive - even more so than E-Z Listening Disc. I liken it to Negativland as a brilliant culture jam! Bravo Mark! (Mothersbaugh) [Besides, maybe some of these rugrats will discover the real deal.]

Andrew A. Gill

For the record, the general concept behind Devo was de-evolution. I can think of nothing better typifying de-evolution than Devo songs being performed by kids for Walt Disney.

Apparently, that was Mothersbaugh's and Casale's theory, as well.

I still think the Dev2.0 songs are crimes against humanity (and the Devo originals remain gifts from upon high), but the irony is deliberate on Devo's part.

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