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March 13, 2006



Awesome!. Thanks Alex, that was a great interview with extraordinary topics. Really interesting.

Sean Riley

Great to hear that BPF is alive and well - a great innovator and the heartbeat
of killing joke, no other drummer has come close.....



nice work Alex - very interesting reading. good to know Paul's doing well.

nuclear boy

Yep-GREAT interview,good Q's & good indepth A's..REALLY enjoyed that-BPF & KJ again?-sounds good! (though paul & ben TOGETHER would be brutal beyond belief-sort it!!)-well done alex,thanks you both.

Harold Grey

Thanks Alex. Awesome interview. Great to hear his side of the story. It always amazes me that the whole story is so much more than what I can infer from album covers. You could see what was happening with FireDances, and all that came after. I wish they had maintained the integrity route. I saw them in '82 at the Pep Lounge in NYC and they opened with The Hum, and it WAS really heavy.

San Jose, CA


Thanks for that Alex. What an interesting and illuminating interview. Last October I asked Jaz whether he'd ever consider working with Big Paul again and he said "Never say never". I sensed he was quite regretful how they'd fallen out and lost touch and that deep down he'd like to let bygones be bygones and connect with him again.
I love Paul's idea of re-recording some of their best, most powerful and intense songs.
I think Jaz, Geordie and Raven would be very interested to read what Paul has to say.

sarine voltage

Wow, Alex, how cool are you?!

Determined to find the best rhythm-keeper in the universe for The Power of 3, I was Googling up Paul Ferguson -- and found you and your [awesomely done] interview. Cool info I never knew.

My very first band [in PA} listened to Killing Joke incessently--we played "Wardance", "Eighties" and "Change" at our very first show back in the eighties.

Now I want Paul for The Power of 3. I know it's a longshot, but--especially after reading your interview [thank you!]--I have the feeling that the coveted Mr. Ferguson just might find his musical and spiritual fulfillment with The Power of 3. We're really fun to work/play with and our tunes are bad-ass [you can get a taste at our URLs]...AND we have the utmost respect for Paul [like we would never EVER pull a "Jaz"]

Do you know how to get in touch with Paul? If "yes", please feel free to forward our contact info [or e-mail me for tele #].

Thank you soooooo much, Alex, in advance for anything you might be able to do to help...and thank you for hosting the most important parts of the Killing Joke "book".

Sarine Voltage [and Ron Yocom too]

P.S. Your listing of "music" looks an awful lot like my album collection I left back east [except maybe Specimen and The Leather Nun are left out]. Chances are YOU might dig on The P.O.T., so we invite and comp you to any show of ours, anytime, any place [offer is good for a lifetime]. I'm in "programming isolation" right now, so our shows are scant, but I'm hoping to say hi to NYC again this summer...

Thanks again, Alex...and have a really fun day!

Peter Sijbenga/Netherlands

A beautiful interview with a warm-hearted man! Made for an interesting read

Thank you :-)

mark radcliffe

great stuff. killing joke without big paul? lets just say, firedances has turned into diredances. get rid of these poxy souped up session drummers, and lets have killing jokes engine up and running once fed up of this third rate set up. no wonder raven cleared off and joined ministry. get big paul back in the fold and lets do it properly mr coleman.

Jonathan Daisley

God bless Big Paul. And yourself, of course.
Good to see he's back on the drums with 'Transmission' (Yoof on bass as well).
All the best
lifelong Joker xxx


I also thank for this material. Some thoughts spoken are quite unbeliavable : D Cheers, Alex!

Marc (Glastonbury)

Thank you Alex. Good to know you are happy Paul.

king of punk

Great interview , it would be great if the Jaz/Geordie/Raven/Big Paul got back together. Firedances was always a favourite

Mark(New Jersey)

Great interview Alex !,the artwork on the Malicious singles and album covers were always one of the greatest things about KJ,What's this for? still my favorite.I was fortunate to see BPF play many times w/KJ,he was a major influence in my drumming as a kid and he deserved more recognition as a great musician.Paul,thanks for telling us what REALLY went on and I hope your still O.K !


Could you please provide a link to your interview with Jaz in 1994? It would be interesting to see the various stances of the band members. Great interview.

Steve (Rotterdam, Holland)

Wow, as a big KJ fan this is very interesting to read.
Nice bloke as well, BPF.


Thanks for the great interview. The reissues of "Night Time" and "1,000 Suns" arrived today and it was great to learn more about those two albums and that period of time in Big Paul's own words.


The great news is they have made up are touring!

Great interview Alex. Thanks a load.

Laramie Deines

Incredible, this was spot on for how an interview should be. Great questions and great answers from someone who certainly to get some out. Now that they are reformed, this interview almost looks prophetic at some points. Rock on!

jock hart

Great Interview with Paul ..superb and Killing Joke Original line up just played Blackpool UK ..i was there and it was SUPERB ! some footage is on You Tube as type this .
also ART is to be loved , pauls restoration work is fantastic ,im so glad he restores artifacts so we can all enjoy them .


Damn, I just knew that it was Paul coming into Spring Street Books in SoHo NYC '88/89 when I was working there! Kind of wish I'd said hello now. Really appreciated this interview, he's clearly an interesting person as well as a good drummer and I didn't realize how influential he was to the band until reading this. Thanks.

Ken Coomer

Paul and KJ were a huge influence on myself musically, and as a drummer. There are always two sides to every story.
James Brown said it best, "A band is only as good as its drummer"...A great article....thanks


A great read on the eve of the tour opener tonight!


Back from a December 2010 Toronto show, ears still boxy after 90 minutes' worth of Joke. As many of us do after a great night of music, we scour the internet for gems we've missed before, and this interview fits the bill.

I don't know how I missed it, but I'd be remiss if I didn't commend you on your expert knowledge of the Joke and your fine interview skills, which extends to keeping the subject at ease while he talks about some pretty contentious issues.

And on that note, what a bright, thoughtful guy Paul Ferguson is. I'm even happier for the success of the Joke's reconvening in the wake of reading this piece. Clearly all parties wanted it, and they've gone and made a really solid addition to the canon in 'Absoloute Dissent.' Sometimes I like to think of the reformation as brother Raven's parting gift to Joke. Life's never that simple or romantic, but the case could be made for it.

Kudos, Alex. It took me years to find this, but it's a keeper. Paul Ferguson belongs in KJ like that other Paul - the Thompson one - belongs in Roxy.


Paul is self-effacing and modest compared to the endless mouthy pontificating of the yer man.
Paul's talent was always a threat and a source of intense jealousy simply because BPF could compose a strong meaningful lyric without sounding hackneyed or strained. Pssyche is a true classic on which the band;s reputation rests; as is This is Madness which accurately and succinctly represents a moment of creative abrasion angst within the organisation during the recording of the 2nd album. His work for me stands out through his distinctly raised awareness in the first three albums. He still, obviously, has a lot to offer and I am sure he will do so in his own inimitable manner. For me he epitomises the essential creative spirit and magic which will reinvigorate and inspire them to reclaim the fiery heights so casually and readily achieved in their nascent original aspirations. He truly deserves to taste his destiny of greatness denied him so unfairly for so many years. A pleasure to see him back in the forefront of the band once again. I only hope he has written a few more well constructed classics in the two decades of absence to justify as a great drummer and musician in the historic pantheon known generically as Rock'n'Roll but forever changed changed utterly by his instinctually natural rhythms. Clew Bay is calling his Celtic soul..


This was a great interview!!! Big Paul is one of my favorite drummers. Thanks for sharing! Just saw the Joke last night at the Wiltern in Los Angeles. Great show! No Youth onstage though. I heard a family emergency happened or something like that. Been following KJ and buying every record since 1982.

Paralell Universe

Saw KJ in Vancouver on Dec 14 2010. The energy was the most intense i have ever felt from any band i have seen live ever! Big Paul's drumming on the song - The Fall of Because... was pulsating tribal thunder which put everybody in a state of trance - it was very seismic! The legacy of KJ is most definitely influential. The original line up can very well be considered now a "supergroup". The new album, Absolute Dissent is also a force to be reckoned with within the greater music & arts scene - especially with a group that has been around for the last 30 years & can still produce work which resonates on a level equal, if not greater than when they were at the height of their creative peaks. Likewise on the Interview! P.S. The synchronicities surrounding Big Paul were never coincedences but rather intentions of things about to come about.



[email protected]

Mark Gonzalez

Wow! Awesome interview. One of the best ive evee read from someone other than jaz on killing joke. Thank you so much for this! Im 33, and discovered this band only a year ago. I now have all the albums, the dvd, and im a huge fan now. Im pissed it took me this long to find what is now one of my favorite bands. And I cant stop looking up everything I can find on the band.

Steve Brunton

That was a great interview, thank you for doing that


This might be the article which Paul is speaking about.

Magnifying Glance

Great article, you covered nearly all the ground with the exception of his time with Warrior Soul. Would have liked to have heard Paul's remembrances about that period.
Great job sirs.


Great interview 2022 I'm just reading it now. Lol
From a fans point of view its amazing to hear BPF say they were not prolific.
Cult bands maybe dont make enough money I dont know I always thought KJ were on a different path from most bands, like Crass or Subhumans or The Chameleons. They are certainly very well respected and back on the road gigging again.

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