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October 31, 2005



I'll second the Hamburger Lady as the creepiest thing that I can think of on wax. But another track that always manages to freak me out, and one that you missed, is the first track on the Golden Palominoes 'Dead Inside' (I think it's the title track), which is the first person account of a woman who's abducted about about to be killed by a stranger, all over the same sort of atmospherics as Hamburger Lady. It's another one that while I like the idea of it, I just don't listen to it all that often because I don't like the feeling of liking it.

M@tt He1geson

Good choices...I'd maybe add "Spinal Menegitis" by Ween that really creeps me out...always, and maybe some Current 93, which i've been listening to lately....


I agree with your list but what aout the song white rabbit by jefferson airplane that song really mananged to creep me out those vocals are haunting


great list. i put a few on my playlist for halloween. here is a few that are also my favorites for halloween....
Everyday is halloween by ministry
i put a spell on you by screamin jay hawkins
ghost town by the specials
insanity by oingo boingo
papperbag writter by radiohead
white rabbit by COLLIDE
living dead girl by rob zombie


Great list. My creepy favorites include Calico Wall's I'm a Living Sickness" and Violent Femmes "Country Death Song"


Very good choices. But another song I think is scary is "boggie woggie wo" by ICP (insane clown posse) THe begining is werid and the song is about murdering children!!


i like the icp song its great im looking for someones like those


Another one that freeks me out is Caledonia by CroMagnon (from 1969). Check it out on YouTube.

Kiki Lang

An less obvious choice could be "Faded Flowers" or "Ceolacanth" by Shreikback. Both are from the "Oil and Gold" Album. The album is ode to the extinction of human race. "Faded Flowers" is falling out love song at the end of civilatzation, and Ceolacanth is an instramental about big fish living at the bottom of the sea never noticing the human race, or it's absence. A loss of all hope, good stuff.


Dont forget tiny tims tiptoe through the tulips


"Agitated Screams of Maggots -Unplugged-" by Dir en grey never seems to make any of these lists...

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