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October 04, 2005



After a certain point I quit renting movies this summer for two reasons: 1)I realized I needed to absorb more of the precious sunshine rather than watch movies and 2)I'd certainly seen a fair number of mindblowingly great movies over a month's time anyway. But lately I have begun to miss it. I have no time for movies now, but in December I will. And this looks like as good a list as any. Taxi Driver, Pi and The Hunger are old hat, but I can't explain why Marathon Man seems familiar/interesting. Still must see After Hours as well.

jim harper

I can agree with many of those choices Alex- 'The Warriors' is a firm favourite- but I have to add Larry Cohen to your list. He's a regular champion of the Big Apple, from the amazing 'Q The Winged Serpent' to script jobs like 'Phone Booth'.


I would also choose, 'The Seven-Ups', kind of a French Connection sequel if you will with the same character. The city never looked so gritty. Beautiful.


Very late on this, agree on all, but for my personal favorites, I'd like to add Scorsese's King of Comedy, Dassin's Naked City, and Mckendrick's Sweet Smell of Success.

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