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September 22, 2005



I too left off with No More Shall We Part (a disapointment, to be sure), until I picked up his most recent double album. I liked it well enough at first but eventually sold it. It did however contain an unmistakeably homoerotic lyric in one of the tracks which he sang in a purposely mumbled manner. That was kindof odd. I mean why have it in there at all if you're not going to sing it so it can be heard? Nevertheless the lyric booklet made it clear. Anyway, The Good Son is a fine album I just haven't heard it a very very long time. Worked in a place that played it so many times I kinda got sick of it. Wouldn't mind hearing it now, though. For me personally I fear he will never match The Boatman's Call.

Sean Connery

Enough with the No More Shall We Part bashing. "15ft of Pure White Snow" is worth the price of the album alone.

Scarlet woman

I used to be a huge Nick Cave fan, but, since "The murder ballads", his work has been consistently losing its edge and he now sounds like Leonard Cohen (complete with those godawful backing singers). Up until the early 90s, he was growing up, now he's just getting old. Still love the Birthday party and the early Bad seeds gems, though...

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