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September 28, 2005



You may be due for an iPod restore Alex... The only thing painful about the process, is going back through your library (which has to be bigger than 40 gigs in size?) to refill the iPod.

I personally have never been a big fan of the larger sized iPod's... Having smaller canvas to play with... it allows me to listen to more stuff on the go.


Alex in NYC

Now, Rollie, by that do you mean simply resetting it (i.e. holding the menu button and the play/pause button for five seconds until the Apple logo appears)? I've tried that, and still no dice.

Pleasant Plains

I have no idea if this would help you, but I recently had to restore my iPod. I updated iTunes and it left my iPod behind.

Restoring the iPod isn't the same as resetting it (holding the two buttons down.) If you search your hard-drive for "iPod Updater", it will give you the option to restore. This will wipe out everything on your iPod. It will return all your settings back to factory. It's very frustrating, but in a way, also very liberating. Maybe I now know how it feels to be Born Again.

Again, I have no idea if this will solve your problem, but maybe it's a good worst-case scenerio for you to keep in the back of your mind. It fixed my problem.

Yeah, it fixed it alright.

Alex in NYC

Just a quick update: I followed Pleasant Plains' scary advice and effectively restored my iPod, and it seems to have cleared my problem (inability to load music purchased via the iTunes music store) right up. Thanks and Cheers!!!!

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