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August 01, 2005


Matos W.K.

I don't think Raw Power is a very good example, for one reason: the '97 edition wasn't just remastered, it was completely remixed. Very different thing.

Greig Christie

I'm convinced. I'll go and buy a couple of them today. Well the fact that they're selling them for £5 each in a local shop does help.

Scarlet woman

I agree with you, Alex. All four releases got a much-deserved "dusting off" but I think the result is particularly spectacular on "Revelations". I'd always been slightly put off by the sound, which I found a bit hollow and flat. Now it truly soars and wraps you up in its embrace. Hell, when I listened to "Pandys", I could almost hear scimitar-wielding Indian mutinees (or something). It was a true re-discovery for me! Can't wait for the "Fire dances" and "Night time" remasters...

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