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August 26, 2005



Damn, it must have taken a lot of work to write all that. Well done. I still need to get the reissue myself when I get the money. Now I'm glad the box set passed me by after all. I DO have my ticket to see the Stooges one week from today, though! Wooohooo!!!


Hello Alex, this is Diego from the circus list. I don't post much, but i do read what you guys write there and I'm a regular reader of your blog.
I think this set is more valuable to those who actually can play an instrument than the regular listener. I play drums and I'm one of those geeks who enjoy listening to different versions of songs and discovering the tiniest details and rearrangements, etc. I never get tired of it.
Write on!

Stooges fun

Hey, it's difficult to believe somebody can get tired of listening to Funhouse, but you probably mean it. Can you share with us how much this fetish thing costed?

BTW, Iggy has always been a perfectionist, all old Iggyphiles know this.

Dale Haskell

I had some Amazon credit and grabbed this set for thirty bucks. I told a buddy that even I didn't need this much FUNHOUSE. He replied "You need it!" After getting it cheap,I sat through the box and thought,"My buddy may have been right." The brutal repetition didn't bother me. I actually enjoyed it! I achieved a beatific state of satisfaction. I was never under the illusion that The Stooges tripped into a room and coughed this shit out. I greatly value being able to put together a half dozen or more alternate versions of the album,which may not be a bad way to approach this monster. For normal folks,the standard edition is the way to go.

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