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August 24, 2005



you see, people do your read ramblings...if only for a quiet life haha

Scarlet woman

I was there with Joe and I must say it was a blast! People kept flocking around him and he was the real star of the day. We got to hang out with the band and Joe drummed on Requiem and Pandemonium during the soundcheck. At some point during the gig, Jaz asked him to come up on stage, asked him if he had already been dead, to which he replied "yes", then asked him what it felt like and Joe answered "dead". ;-) Then Jaz invited him to dive into the crowd, which he did with a scared look on his face. Oh, and Raven threatened to kill Peter West too. That was fun. After the gig, we went back to their hotel and drank and smoked Cuban cigars with Jaz while he was telling stories about septagrams, ex-wives, daughters, Stradivarius, fucking on planes, etc. Wonderful day...

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