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August 11, 2005


Geoff O'Donoghue

My first ever rock concert was a Devo show at the Wellington Town Hall in New Zealand. Although that gig was over 20 years ago (on the New Traditionalists tour - 1981?), I still consider it to be my best concert experience. Perhaps the fact that it was my first time has coloured my perception but I remember a visually and aurally stunning show where these five guys went totally insane. I'm sure at some stage Mark Mothersbaugh was doing cartwheels across the stage - it was frenetic, loud and just plain fun. It's good to hear that they are still able to deliver in concert - I would love to see them again. I would also like them to get back in the studio again - but not without some trepidation; their studio efforts were patchy at best from 1982 on. I've heard that Mark Mothersbaugh is not interested in recording any new Devo music so that's probably not going to happen.
Nice blog Alex - always interesting and entertaining.


Holy cow, my first-ever concert was Devo at Rutgers the night after Radio City.

josh wertheimer

You never know.

Last night’s show, twenty minutes before the second band’s set, the drummer gets a phone call informing him that his mother died. He throws things and runs out. Half hour later he’s on stage playing.


It's all good, Alex. It's all good.

They canceled in Seattle, by the way. I even had the misfortune of having to inform my neighborhood friend of this, he was right pissed off.

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