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July 29, 2005



Don't forget the "chucks" and Bok Lei Tat (also long gone) on Canal Street. Damn, I almost forgot about the Trader; is it really gone?


great feature dude, i really enjoyed it. made me sad to have never been an nycer.


Well, I watched my hometown change for the worse, too. I could talk about it but I won't. There's two particular places I used to so love...that are no longer there. OH well, that's why the Pretenders' "My City Was Gone" exists.

Now...oh yes, After Hours. I regret to say I haven't gotten to it yet. But it's still on my list of movies I carry around.
Last night I watched Sting of all people in some movie from 1982 called Brimstone & Treacle. I think he was probably capable of a better performance but the other actor and actresses made it well worth it. Also there is a scene where he puts on necklaces, a diamond earring and one of those silly black lace gloves, all while looking in the mirror and Go-Go's We Got The Beat is playing. Insane.


Also it's 4:27 am and I'm playing the KJ first album reissue bonus tracks. It's all gloom and doom innit? But at least you can dance to it sometimes. And I like that one that had this kindof sample of some like radio announcer or something. That was wild. I'm not sure which one that is. I'll figure it out eventually.


Fantastic pictures, love the obscure and not-so obscure film/tv/music references too, I often wander about Central London with that little list of minature landmarks at the front of my mind. Sometimes I wonder if I could end up like Bill Drummond.

Please post some more when you have the time!

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