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July 28, 2005


Tom Piltoff

The idea of syncing Kid A with 9/11 is absolutely moronic. Not only does it not fit but if you think How To Disappear Completely is about "being burned alive and jumping out of windows" you're doing it wrong.

Tom Piltoff

I was wrong. I only see one flaw in that series of paragraphs, and realize now that I am the one that is absolutely moronic.

I'll shut up now.


If you follow the link to where it shows the kid a artwork... scroll down to "Episode 15". The bear on "CNN" is saying some symbols.
Straight up, one of them is 9/11.

Holy shit.


This is probably not true but it doesn't really matter it is still interesting. Of course, Yorke could have been aware of Iraq's displeasure with USA and predicted that they'd do something like a kind of revenge or it was simply coincidence, anyway, as I said, it's interesting.

The artwork where there's people standing with their backs to us watching ice bergs, I think that's about the global warmth that Yorke has been active with and lines in Idioteque confirms it too "ice age coming/this is really happening". The people standing there might be a resemblance of world leaders just watching global warmth happening, doing nothing.

Inside Bilderberg

Interesting stuff, really is. I myself suspect 9/11 was a inside job and that feeling has only got stronger by the years as more info comes best it was allowed to happen. A friend said to me when we were watching this go down on TV that operation of this magnitude could only be oorganised and pulled off by CIA and Mossad, I feel so too.

Barney London

I knew Radiohead were assets of the secret state from the beginning.

But actually, no. What's more interesting to note and it may be an expansion of this, is Thom Yorke's late 90's obsession with 'Michael K', a supposed author who, like a sister project, 'Luther Blissett', is most likely a collaborative project. (With Blissett, this is explicit, with K, it is tricky).
One of the more notable outcrops of K-dom came in 2000 when a long-winded series of emails circulated from 'Michael K' which, among other things, were very het up about oil adventures of America abroad. the author/character in the emails (aka the kmails) is using tantra and drugs to communicate or channel 'the gaiascript' which he says is becoming political. These crazy, cranky emails were pretty disturbing at time and pretty far out at all others (as well as being viciously and hilariously compelling).
A bootleg compilation of them came out a few years later, but my name and Thom's (amongst many other culture-heads known and obscure) were in the recipients-list for many of them.

THEY were VERY eerily prophetic of 911 and Michael K, towards the end of the sequence (at which time, the US is hung up on the recounts) is telling us that the 'gaiascript' which has been with him has moved, guided by him, to Texas.

The book is very rare as is all of the Michael K stuff and this is what makes it compelling and slightly sinister. I know TY is a big fan because I asked him about it at a signing. This is the first time this stuff has been pointed out to me but I offer that connection in the hope someboy knows a little more.

As I understand it, 'Michael K' first appeared as a print-era spectre in the early 90's and is well-known in other orbits including that of The KLF.

Rich Tweeter

This proves once and for all that Radiohead was behind 9/11.


Fredrik wrote:

'Of course, Yorke could have been aware of Iraq's displeasure with USA and predicted that they'd do something like a kind of revenge'

This has to be the most moronic thing I've read on the internet in 5 years.

Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11. Saudi Arabia had EVERYTHING to do with 9/11.


This has got to be the most retarded excuse for a conspiracy theory I've ever encountered. And what's up with editing people's posts? If people want to dis you, well hell, you put your shit up publicly, so you asked for it. Deleting what people post and then replacing those posts with your own lies, with the intent that anyone reading it should think that those lies were the original post... that's just weak. Ok have a nice day.

Alex in NYC

Hmmm. Can't say I know exactly what you're talking about. For a start, this post is about five years old. Secondly, it's not my theory, it's Chuck Klosterman's. Thirdly, I haven't deleted any comments, let alone replaced them with any "lies." You'll have to elaborate.


Secrets and lies!


I think you can consider a theory like this without having any interest in the "truth" of it. The thing about great art is that it is applicable to many, many people on a personal level and can be applied to individual situations without being in any way connected to them. It's why listening to an album, reading a novel or poem, or looking at a painting can be interesting again and again. Maybe Kid A was written for 9-11 just like it was written for me or for the millions of other people who relate to the music on a personal/emotional level. It can help illuminate an event and aid in the human process of synthesizing a traumatic experience. It doesn't have to be a campy hoax, if you think about it all genius works persist and help us understand the world.


The problem with that, Claret, is that simply 'feeling' something doesn't make it worthy of consideration. You have to back it up with what exactly about the piece actually gives that interpretation. I mean, bloody hell, I could feel that the Birdie Song is a personal account of the loss of my goldfish faithfully documented in musical form, but unless I can back that up with relevant evidence from the work, it's just another stupid idea.

Case in point, this silly theory. It shows a complete misunderstanding of lyrics ("It has lyrics about Ground Zero ("vultures circle the dead") - no clear link), concepts ("How to Disappear Completely...This is a song about being burned alive and jumping out of windows" - picks on one line and forms a wildly inaccurate intepretation), and any information and ideas put forward by band members. And let's not forget the guided tour of the album artwork that leads to a vaguely oblong shape that is suddenly the twin towers being bombed.

It's all very well to say that a genius piece can mean many things to many people at different times, but even the ambiguous piece still has to offer some evidence for an interpretation. You can't just make stuff up with scant support and call it an interesting theory, because it's not. It's misguided. This whole thing smacks of someone who came up with the idea and concluded without even properly thinking about or listening to the album, then went through afterwards picking out quotes they thought sort of matched it out of context (though even here they struggle). It's just annoying. Diverse opinion is great, but there's such a thing as bad opinion.

Alex in NYC

To be fair, the theory that Pink Floyd's DARK SIDE OF THE MOON synching up with the visual proceedings of "The Wizard of Oz" is no less silly, and that's still an intriguing concept. Lighten up, Adam.


Wow this was pulled straight out of somebody's butt. Grasping at straws for conspiracy theories, like most do when discussing 9/11. It was a horrible tragedy, but one NO ONE could have predicted it. If they had, the twin towers would still be standing and the terrorists would have been imprisoned and/or executed.
Anyway, this band is British. Even if the government had intentionally allowed it to slip under their radar, why would these guys be involved in any way.


Any believers of this are retarded. Next, you're gonna say that Taylor Swift's "Love Story" is a foretelling of the coming of the Antichrist. You people need to stop sharing one brain cell between you, and learn to be less fucking ignorant. For those of you that will waste time arguing with me, don't bother. Your world is "ending" on December 21, 2012. So be prepared.


Shit...listen to love story backwards...holy christ its scary! Bloody ducking antichrist shit, I tell you! No, just kidding. I agree^^

Alex in NYC

^^Submitted by an avowed Pokemon freak. Hey, thanks for all the rude posts, kids.


Maybe those who plotted 9/11 were Radiohead fans! That seems far more logical than Thom Yorke predicting the future or him and his band being in on the event. That is to say if there is any actual conclusive substance to these accusations.


True lies

Kieselguhr Kid

Read this ^^^. Do it now.


one of the pieces of artwork that radiohead's visual artist Stanley Donwood uses in Kid A is called "Trade Center" and can be seen here:

Paranoid Android

Oh wow. You people have really lost it after 9/11 haven't you?

Jesus H Abdullah-Solomon

Its a long held travellor beleif that folk of "cafte" eye have 2nd site whether the know or like it or not. Just a thunk! SNAFU


I actually put Kid A in my discman (remember, the first iPod was still a month away on 9/11/2001) because the album was the only thing that captured the strangeness of the day for me. Weird.

adam j.

I've listened to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon synced with the Wizard of Oz. I think it's just one of those eery coincidences that only could happen to a prog rock band.
HOWEVER, there is no doubt in my mind that Pink Floyd intentionally synced their 1971 song "Echoes" to the last 23-min. segment of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. You have to see it for yourself to see how awesome it matches to the film.
There's also at least somehwat of an evidence for a possible synchronization. Roger Waters professed publicly of his regret to not record the score of the movie, which Kubrick had asked him to. Waters, seeing the success of the movie, perhaps arranged this sync for closure.

Anna who watches too much TV

Have you ever seen the episode of The Simpsons where they go to New York and Homer parks right there at the Twin Towers and gets a car boot put on the car?
He has to wait for the car boot key guy to show up "sometime before 5." Homer looks at his watch, says "It's 9:11. I've gotta go bad." And then he runs into Tower 1, all the way up to the top floor, the rest room is out of order, and he has to run to the top of Tower Two.
No kidding, he said 'It's 9:11." What are the odds of that????


Just read Stephen King's book 11-22-63 very enlightening ideas about all conspiracy theories EVER! It is called yes I think music could be at the root of all evil...which spelled backward is Live. Which takes us full circle back to the books title: Killing Yourself to LIVE! Bwhahaha ;)


Flyer handed out for the Belgian Radiohead shows on mo 11 SEP and TU 12 SEP 2000. It's very spooky that the artwork depicts people falling from high towers. Much more weirdness was to come in the artwork of their summer 2001 release AMNESIAC.


we are not scaremongering this is really happening--while you were asleep

(under the graphic)

under a big top
trickledown compressor
unsurpassed novelties
giant cogs turn
well adjusted
the ice age is coming
rubber bullets
last remaining
polar bears
a genuine freakshow
150.000 volts of electricity
mobiles chirping
cracks appearing beneath the veneer
abbatoir noises
weak reception
our name is legion
carrots & sticks
packt up like sardines in a crush tin box

(very small print)
SHELLSHOCK, PARALYSIS, SLEEPWALKING, any Child who is Backward in Study and BAD HABITS of any kind PERMANENTLY REMOVED, Etc.
For a due appreciation of the above INCOMPREHENSIBLE MUSICAL COMBINATION much and a little more is depending on the Imagination of the Audience.


I am awake at 4AM to the terrifying undeniable truth that there is nothing I can do to stop the monster

This flyer is one year in advance, having not only the 911 date but also the second day bloody tuesday.

According to the flyer the capacity for the concert was 10000, which was the estimated deathtoll on the day itself before it turned out that loads of people hadn't arrived at work in the towers yet, or were warned.

There's an interview with Radiohead's Thom Yorke in may 2001 in the NME mag in which he states that if he would tell what he knew he'd be done in by MI5.


Holy shit. One of the pictures from the Kid A artwork is actually titled "Trade Center." WTF

Dicks Everywhere

Wow, Klosterman sure is fucking stupid. That silly hipster will spout any bullshit to try to appeal to his stoned fanbase, yeah?


actually you're wrong. kid a does predict 9/11

pink floyd-animals does

zeppelin 4 does

You can make a conspiracy that backstreet boys discography predicts 9/11. you clearly don't know radiohead well enough and to think how to disappear completely is about being burned alive and jumping out windows then you, sir, are a complete fucking idiot

Alex in NYC

Mike, a few things....

1. Learn to read. It's not my theory, it's Chuck Klosterman's.

2. One prediction of an event does not exclusively preclude others from doing same.

3. Try not to be rude, as it entirely undermines any argument you're trying to make.

4. It takes a big man to leave an insulting comment without leaving a credible return e-mail address.

Johnny Raines

To clarify: This is not a "Conspiracy Theory". This is an interpretation of an Album as a prediction of an event of Historical precedence. Nothing More. It in no way provides any person or persons as conspirators nor does it offer an actual conspiracy.
This is also not the only interpretation of a song being predicting a possible future. See 'Beat Street' from the movie 'Beat Street'.
Also see:

Don't say this is a silly "Conspiracy Theory"....say you think this is a silly interpretation. I personally find it interesting.

Johnny Raines

Something Else: I would be considered what a lot of people would derogatorily call a "Conspiracy Theorist". I do not believe the official story on 9/11 and I believe the 9/11 Commission Report to be placating bullshit for the most part. It leaves so many questions ignored/unanswered that it is ludicrous.
I have poured over many conspiracies. I have also read about many instances of "this" or "that" predicting 9/11. In my opinion this goes to a collective subconscious.
Any time there is going to be a World changing event, and I believe that 9/11 was World changing and not only Nation changing, the collective subconscious begins at some point to "realize" this. Much like a person who is dreaming will sometimes realize that they are in a dream. The "predictions" for these events will begin to come out in our different ways of communication. Art, Music, Movies, Television and Literature. I can't list all the instances of this happening, just for 9/11 but a few simple searches will show you multiple movies using the date of 9/11 and that frequency tends to increase as the years grow closer from say Back to the Future of the 80's to The Big Lebowski. Then as it gets even closer, say just three years before with Armageddon: And if you really want the most interesting parallel you need to check the plot for the pilot of the X-files spin-off series "The Lone Gunmen". For those too lazy to google: It's about a plane taken over by remote and to be crashed into the World Trade Center.
Now for those who follow the official story and believe or want to believe what the current administration at the time told you: Read the plot to that episode then watch George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleeza Rice all say that "No One" envisioned using planes as weapons to fly into buildings without wanting to cry Bullshit on that.
Not to mention the fact that our own strategic intel and military community had tried to push through a plan to use a commercial airline as a weopon/sacrifice to get us into the Viet Nam war before the Gulf of Tonkin incident.
Enjoy your blind lives.


"When you cut into the past the future leaks out" - WSB.


If you want to experience an incredible, truly spooky prediction of 9/11, listen to Laurie Anderson's song "O SUPERMAN," recorded 20 years before the event.


Anyone else notice how the two mountains on the album cover are on fire amongst a bunch of other mountains? Kinda like two skyscrapers on fire amongst a bunch of other tall buildings? Eh? Eh?


It's tongue-in-cheek satire. He's poking fun at 9/11 conspiracy theorists, and that's why this essay is brilliant.

Weston James

I totally agree with the paranoia of this thread. I graduated in 2001. That mushroom cloud over the states really fucked with me throughout my 20s from the album art in Amnesiac. I still feel it but I know the band didnt think 911 was going to happen. So it's a sad accurate accident.


Amnesiac Special edition. The one that looks like an old library book. One of The dates on the checkout list is 9/11/2000. There is a sketch drawing of the World Trade Center burning. The drawing appears very similar to the actually images of the WTC on 9/11. Remember Amnesiac was released in June 3 months prior to Septembwr 11th. I'm just throwing out some info.

Adm Tech

Wow, some really interesting synchronicities (or more?) on this page.

You have to wonder how much of this is coincidence and how much of THAT is even statistically possible?

I have always loved Radiohead's music and, for lack of a better word, I have always thought much of their music had a "profound" quality to it that I couldn't really put my finger on.

While you can read meaning into almost anything - there does appear to be something more esoteric going on.

They say some of the best music comes from contact with the "muses".

Were Radiohead/Thom tapping into the global consciousness we often hear about that can predict the future? As in the Global Consciousness project that detected changes just prior to 911 indicating a huge impending event?

I know that they have a regular artist who does all of their album artwork so is he himself more plugged into this than even the band?

The multiple references to 911 in the "9/11" format is downright weird. I don't remember seeing that format until after September 11.

There are also many videos about 911 on youtube that incorporate Kid A's music where it just seems to "fit", the National Anthem in particular.

Finally, Radiohead's music in the film "Vanilla Sky" set in NY, released in 2001, which seems to be another strange tie-in, starring Tom Cruise (Eyes Wide Shut directed by Kubrick) it all seems to tie together at a deeper occultic, esoteric level.

I suspect Radiohead has never addressed the subject so we will probably never know.

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