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July 20, 2005



"some extra-chromosoned offspring of Jim Morrison and Van Morrison after a rude round of drunken buggery" Ha! Classic! Preach it Alex in NYC!

p.s. long live Killing Joke.


You know, there were just two words in there that seemed awkward that I found myself wanting to correct or change. But the first one I couldn't figure out how you could have said it any differently, and the other,'ll be in German anyway, so who cares? ;) I'm rather amused to realize I haven't actually heard this particular record. The only time I dabbled in Patti Smith was when I heard "Dancing Barefoot" which was on another album I can't remember the title of now but she's holding a bird on the sleeve. It wasn't a very good album either, though.


This is such unbelivably pompous crap - let's hope it never finds its way out of Germany.

Paul Wady


Thank you, Patty. I thought there was something wrong with her stuff. Her iconography through Mappelthorpe was more significant to me than the noises she made. She remains the only female to have the image she had, in those days, as far as I know.

Clarity at last!


Hey, kids, first off, I am a Patti fan and a KJ fan, so it can happen. One, I love how male reviewers have to give every woman who makes a significant impression in music the "Nancy Spungeon cum dumpster" treatment, e.g. she only got there because of her sexual past. Never brought up in reviews for male "rockers", ever, even the blantantly notorious ones. Strike One. Strike Two: Pay attention to the lyrics, dude. "Birdland" is about the death of a famous psychoanalyst, and the hypothetical (and understandable) trauma that his young son experiences. "Redondo Beach" is about a woman dying, and is based on Patti's relationship with her sister. LISTEN TO THE WORDS. Strike Three: Read an interview. Patti Smith has said on numerous occasions that she is not a great vocalist. She is not trying to be Billie Holiday. Her voice is a ragged instrument...kind of like Kurt Cobain's was...
And man, if all you got out of her subversive (we are looking at gender dynamics here, take a step back and look at it objectively) take on "Gloria" was dry humping parking meters, you need to re evaluate many things. Peace out.

Alex in NYC

Right back'atcha: (A) I never got into Patti's sexual past, nor implied that it accomodated her success. One can be manipulative without bringing sex into it. (B) I don't give a damn what a song is about if it sounds like a dog dying. (C) I shouldn't have to read an interview to appreciate someone's music. The music should speak for itself, and in Patti's case, it speaks poorly. (D) Kurt Cobain was crap. (E) Her take on "Gloria" is garbage -- gender has nothing to do with it.


Alex, you are being disingenuous by saying you weren't implying she slept her way to prominence with a phrase like this, my man:

"Through a strategy of opportunism that set the template for unhealthily ambitious scenemakers like Courtney Love to follow years later."

What is the common theory about the Court and how she "made it"....she "made" every guy she could find. I think we all got your point about Patti's manipulation involving sex. However, if you meant nothing like that, I am glad you clarified it, because it sure as hell reads that way.
B) Well, that is subjective, so her mournful "he saw his daddy at the controls", might sound like a canine getting a proctological exam to you, but it sounds to me like she is trying to emphasize the chaos the song addresses. William Burroughs said she would always be known for her performances, which are so emotional. He appreciated it, so do I.
C) Nah, you shouldn't have to read an interview to appreciate someone's music, but it seems that you found the record just a masturbatory nightmare, where the woman only referenced herself. "Birdland" proves that is wrong, since the entire song has no reference to Patti Smith or her world. Madonna, deemed a "pop icon" is only capable of writing about herself due to her excruciating narcissism. Ms Smith actually did tackle topics that were novel and, in my opinion, powerful.
D)Ok, ya don't like KC....ah, Iggy, Johnny Rotten, Jaz (don't burn me at the stake for heresy by speaking of him in a discussion about Ms Smith...haaaa), any male singer who does not have a typically melodic voice is using it as a ragged instrument. That was my point.
E) Gender had everything to do with her version of "Gloria"....that was the whole point to a hell of a lot of people, including your shiny happy buddy Michael Stipe..haaa (I am envisioning you have a dartboard with his picture ;0). She dressed androgynously, and usurped the role of the male rocker by performing a well known erotic ode to a woman. That is how she turned it into a gender bending confrontation. Dude, she liberated alot of minds with that song.
The rest of her career is, granted, extremely hit and miss. But that particular album, with her defiant look on the cover, made me want to hear it. And it opened up a new view of the world for me.
I just was happy a fierce woman like that existed in a world at a time when many considered Karen Carpenter a huge talent. It probably was a different experience being that I am female as well. Who knows. Agree to disagree. Peace out.


A load of crap, dear sir. Not that it doesn't make for decent reading!


Your all talking complete rubbish.
EVERY SINGLE PERSON should respect every single musician. I appreciate and love kurt and smiths music. They both did their thing like everyone else did theirs.
Except Patti smith was unique, to some extent so was kurt, but she was especially, so don't slate her. If she sounded like 'a dog dying' why do so many people love her music. Why is she down on so many websites as a purely inspirational influential artist. WHY THEN, DO SO MANY SINGER SONGWRITERS PRAISE HER?

Learn some respect before stating your point with some fact behind it, not a wishy washy opinion.


may I add also:
if you don't like her, why don't you just not listen to her?

she actually helped break the mould of music with unique words, unique thoughts and her unique style.

Alex in NYC


`Cos it's my weblog, that's why. She's overrated tripe. Citing the fact that "lots of people/website/musicans" liked her means nothing. Lots of people like lots of things, and lots of people can be WRONG. Lot's a people like the Black Eyed Peas too -- does that make the geniuses? I think not.

Get used to the notion of dissenting opinion. I'm not saying YOU can't like Patti Smith (although you shouldn't).

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