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Born in New York City on a Friday the 13th in 1967. Loves beer. Hates ham. Hates salmon. Prefers Sean Connery over Roger Moore. Does not enjoy fishing. Frowns on bad umbrella etiquette. Thinks people who recline their seat-backs into his lap during flights should be viscerally garotted. Thinks that the doors in movie theatres should be locked once the movie starts. Has never been to Tibet. Does not enjoy travelling with food. Does not collect stamps. Has every intention of wearing silly band t-shirts well into his forties. Thinks that there is a special place in Hell for the inventor of the car alarm. Suffers from Tinnitus in his right ear from years of systematic headphone abuse. Absolutely loathes skim milk. Given the option, he'd much rather walk than take the subway. Has never found "The Three Stooges" even remotely funny.

In 2001, Alex won $4,600.00 on the ill-fated Vh1 game show, "Name That Video." He might've won the grand prize (an SUV and 100 compact discs Vh1 considered "the 100 greatest of all time") had he not been stumped by an REO Speedwagon video.

Alex has, at one point or another, written for/contributed to: The New Yorker, TIME, Entertainment Weekly, Creem, Irish Connection, Huh!, New York Perspectives, In-Fashion and The New York Review of Records (aka The New Review and/or NYROR).

He has also contributed two chapters to "Don't Believe the Hype!: Die miest├╝bersch├Ątzten Platten der Popgeschichte" by Sky Nonhoff (Fischer, 2005)

Alex is married to Peggy, the most wonderfully patient, exquisite and loving woman on the planet is the father of an incandescent little girl named Charlotte and tiny baby boy named Oliver.

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