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Noteworthy Photography

  • Burning Flags Press
    The website of Glen E. Friedman. Renowned for both his work with musicians like Fugazi, Minor Threat, Public Enemy, the Beastie Boys, Slayer (and many, many more) as well as his groundbreaking documentation of the burgeoning skateboard phenomenon in the late `70's, Glen has been privvy to (and has summarily captured on film) some of the coolest stuff ever. He's also an incredibly insightful and nice guy to boot.
  • SoHo Blues - Photography by Allan Tannenbaum
    Allan Tannenbaum is a local photographer who has been everywhere and shot everything, from members of Blondie hanging out at the Mudd Club through the collapsing towers of the World Trade Center on September 11th. You could spend hours on this site, and I have.
  • Robert Otter Photographs
    Amazing vintage photographs of New York City, specifically my own neighborhood, Greenwich Village.
  • oboylephoto
    Just some intensely cool photographs of abandoned places.
  • Rikki Ercoli's Legends of Punk
    Much like Glen E. Friedman (see above), Rikki Ercoli has managed to catch some amazing bands in their manic element.
  • Lost & Found Film
    A fascinating website devoted to undeveloped film found in vintage camers. A curious mixture of interesting and spooky.
  • Pinhole Photography by Veronica Saddler
    NYC landmarks shot through a pinhole lens. Neat-o.
  • Eugene Merinov
    Compelling shots of Punk, Post-Punk and New Wave band performing live in various long-lost venues in a pre-sanitized New York City. Great stuff!
  • Edward Colver

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August 15, 2017


David George

The only good thing that has transpired since 11/08/17 is that that he of tiny digits has failed to accomplish anything he made noise about. Slowly his challenged occupancy seems to to drifting closer to standard republican bullshit, which while far from what I'd prefer is at least predictable.

David George

Obviously I meant 11/08/16 (not 17). By 11/08/17 I hope we're not talking about this moron, but I guess that's too much to hope for.


I remember how much I despised W. and the invasion of Iraq over imaginary WMDs. Now the guy looks like a goddamned Thomas Jefferson next to Cheetos Mussolini. That's the level we've sunk to here.

I also remember decades ago at a Black Flag show in LA, seeing skinheads beat up on a Latino kid in the men's room and how a handful of guys threw the asswipes out of the club (with the help of the much beefier bouncers, of course). We thought then the National Front and neo-Nazis were pathetic losers. They still are, but with their new Fuhrer in power, their presence feels more ominous. As a woman of color I'm looking over my shoulder a lot more than I used to. It sounds paranoid, but after Charlottesville---actually, after seeing the behavior of Trump's zombie horde during the election, I feel like even New York isn't completely safe anymore. Which makes me fucking angry. These jerks got pasted during World War II, and now we gotta fight them again because there's actually a President in office who supports them.

David George

>>These jerks got pasted during World War II, and now we gotta fight them again because there's actually a President in office who supports them.

I don't really regard the current US "Neo-Nazis" as being related to their WW II predecessors: The beliefs may be similar, but I regard the current bunch as just a bunch of twisted, grandstanding fucking idiots who have simply assumed that as their model. I tend to doubt that they even know much about WW II history.


@David George- No, these fucking idiots are probably in no danger of taking over the Capitol or even Mobile, Alabama (though I know of a few online who boast about having read William Shirer's "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich"---I guess they skipped the part about Hitler committing suicide and his officials being brought to trial for war crimes before being hung). I do worry about their dog pack behavior, however. They aren't above stalking and beating up a 5'5" Asian grandma or even her 6'5" queer son, who now carries a shank when he's out by himself. He says he's beginning to see alt-right skinheads at shows, which underscores the need to beat these assholes back. I mean, they used to be a little embarrassed or afraid of showing themselves at, say, a death metal festival. Not so much anymore.

David George

@NoOriginalArt wrote: I do worry about their dog pack behavior, however.

I agree. I had to laugh when even that sewer rat Bannon insulted them the other day...

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