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  • SoHo Blues - Photography by Allan Tannenbaum
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March 05, 2014


URL Brennerr

Nah, man. You're not being melodramatic, you're just accurately interpreting through a personal reference the real state of affairs around you. This song is like the theme to a nightmare, one that has the real soul of New York waving goodbye from the deck of a departing ocean liner to its Stepford Wife reincarnation standing on the dock, vacantly waving back without even a thread of understanding of what's going on.

Incidentally I saw 'Big Time' at the Bleecker Street Cinema when it was first released. Just that thought alone is weep inducing.


I also think your take is bang on......


(and NOT to get post-post-postmodern on your ass)....

...ALL you folks in the New York Big Blog Mafia are AT LEAST giving a VOICE to the destruction of NYC culture.....

....that kind of Bizarro-silence is ALWAYS bubbling under the surface of the ocean of shiney mainstream blandness, ESPECIALLY in NYC and environs.....

.....and you ALL have a part to play....

.....KEEP ON shoutin'....KEEP ON weepin'....
KEEP ON posting!

MANY people are soakin' up the angst....there are MILLIONS of folks that are seein' their dreams crash around them.....MILLIONS of kids/teens finding out that the adults/teachers/leaders have been bullshitting them (albeit SOME unwittingly)....

....they are ALL listening.....lookin' for clues..... are ALL passing along knowledge that is invaluable.....And....

FINALLY.....FINALLY.....FINALLY....for the first time in the freakin' HISTORY of humankind....

......the Uber-rich, the Military, the PowerMongers DO NOT get to write the history of OUR times.....

....WE DO!

It may take awhile....we may not exactly recognize it when it begins to rear its beautiful ugly head.....but have's's coming.....KEEP SHOUTIN'!

(Not being naively optimistic.....simply looking at how social history tells us that social/cultural movements/zeitgeists are like a FANTASTIC old school R & B concert.....take it down.....bring it up.....slam it home.....'ya gotta have the Blues, so when the Rhythm hits HARD!)


I always heard that song in terms of the dissolution of the singer himself (the character whose story is being told).

This is an album I didn't like as much when it was released, but like much more today. I think it was ahead of itself!

James C. Taylor

Good album (though I prefer Swordfishtrombones and Rain Dogs). I always sing "Straight To The Top" when I'm in an elevator...

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