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January 18, 2008


Andrea G

Found your blog thru Miss Tanya. Can't agree more with your post about cell phones. I have one but rarely use it unless I am meeting someone, or need to call someone while I'm out shopping and don't want to buy the wrong item.

I don't think they are good for our health either. While the industry denies it, I think they cause cancer.


I've been carrying a blackberry/phone for work for 6 years now. For years I was always on the thing, reading and typing mail, checking it to make sure the servers and network were ok, etc.

Best vacation I took this past year wasn't trips out of town, they were the couple Sundays here and there that I somehow forget to put the thing into my pocket.


You got me thinking what Bluetooth really is. I mean, I know what it is but how the hell did it get it's name. Lucky for the wiki defnitions, I took the liberty to look it up. See below if you are interested:

Bluetooth was named after a late tenth century king, Harald Bluetooth, King of Denmark and Norway. He is known for his unification of previously warring tribes from Denmark (including now Swedish Scania, where the Bluetooth technology was invented), and Norway. Bluetooth likewise was intended to unify different technologies, such as computers and mobile phones.


I know I missed the point of you article, but I just could not help myself. I'd be thinking about Bluetooth in my sleep if I did'nt look it up. Keep the great blogs coming!


I've never been hounded by work phone calls, but instead by friends who prefer to communicate with text messages, which I find horribly annoying. Why anybody would want to type into a phone is beyond me. It takes so much time and is completely unsatisfying. I have found that the people who continue to text me after I told them to stop seem to want to pretend to communicate with me without actually making a commitment of talking or finalizing a date to meet. They think they are "staying in touch" when actually they are just wasting my time. I don't see the point.


Hold the Phone located in Houston Texas customizes music and messages for callers that are placed on hold.

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